The Makery

Hello Wonderful Customers! Please stay tuned for our LAUNCH site, coming very soon! I've included some notes below for those of you unaware of what happened earlier this year. THANK YOU all for your incredible support. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon for some online crafty fun times! Kate xx Sept 2020: I'm so sad to say that we've been forced to liquidate our lovely business as a result of an old lease in one of our old premises. The escalating costs associated with that premises came to us, and were out of our control. So after seeking advice felt we had no option. I know so many people are suffering during these tough times, so my heart goes out to you all. I've retreated for a little while to try and grieve the loss of such a big part of my life. I can't tell you how much each and every one of you valued customers means to me; I'm forever grateful to you all for supporting us over the past 11.5 years. Particularly all our loyal workshop customers, who I think of as friends. I miss you and our workshops so much. If you had paid for a workshop or a party and haven't received a letter, please email or call: / 01823 216156 and they will be able to help you. Or if you have any questions about any aspect of this at all, please direct them to Stacey or Amelia. I miss you all so much, and my old business. I can’t just turn my back on you all, so I will be back as soon as I can. Stronger than before. Thank you everyone. I feel very lucky to have had such a wonderful tribe of customers. Keep on making :) Kate xxx