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Our Ethos

We’ve set up a passionate business built on what we believe is a logical and sensible ethos: We just can’t stand waste of any kind, whether it be fuel, food, materials or even potential. It’s just such…. well, a waste!

And so The Makery was born, a place where people can come and learn how to be more resourceful. We wanted to create a place where things are thought of in terms of their potential; re-using what would otherwise be thrown away; getting people to look at objects in a different manner.  And re-using things in such a way that the finished item is just as great as something you’d buy in the shops. Forget that - even better, because it’s been made by hand, by one of our clever customers.

So, how have we put this ethos into practice? Are we all talk and no trousers? Hey, we’ve got trousers! (We made them ourselves). Armed with the knowledge that this journey we’re on is one we will NEVER complete (there are always going to be ways we can be MORE resourceful), we’ve made a really good start to what we hope will be a great future for The Makery. Examples? Well, almost all our furniture in The Makery has been reclaimed and made to look beautiful again. Free-cycle is a great source of items, as is your own circle of family and friends.  It’s amazing how many people have things they would otherwise just throw away. Also, we have a number of workshops at The Makery using materials that would otherwise go to landfill. Take our ‘Children’s T-Monster parties’; the children make a monster from an old (but clean!) T-shirt. Or our furniture revamp workshop; you can learn to apply a range of techniques to your old furniture, to give it a new lease of life (And turn it into a treasured piece of furniture in the process!) It really does make a lot of sense to us and we hope you think so too. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

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