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It's been a long old journey to our new premises, but we're very happy to be in our new home! We've wanted both of our Makery buildings to be under one roof for some time, so we've been searching for the perfect place for about a year. We needed somewhere nice, plenty of space to grow, a central location, lots of character, and a not too hefty price-tag!

We've had a couple of very near-misses: First-off we fell for a gorgeous four-storey Georgian house with a lovely shop on the ground floor, but sadly lost out at the last post. Next-up, we fell totally in love with a very special (and huge) Georgian beauty close to the Roman Baths (you could even see into the baths from the workshops!) Months of costly negotiations and a lot of stress unfortunately culminated in us having to rule it out. We were very sad!

With just eight weeks before we had to leave our little shop on Northumberland Place, we needed to take some serious action. So we sat down and reassessed our business. After an awful lot of deliberation, lots of helpful advice and plenty of sleepless nights, we decided to take over the beautiful Beau Nash House - just around the corner from our previous shop. It ticked many boxes, and had a really wonderful feel about it. (We need our buildings to have a heart!) However, as is often the case, we had to compromise on something. Unfortunately we had to compromise on access, and we are SO sorry to all our gorgeous customers who will no longer be able to come in and browse our shop. Really, we are. It really hasn't been an easy decision. You see, our new shop and workshops are only accessible via stairs, so, like a lot of Bath is regretfully not accessible to wheelchair users.

We're doing everything we can to welcome anyone who won't be able to visit our shop:

1) Wheelchairs

a) We'll be putting on workshops throughout the year at our preferred off-site workshop space in Bath, which is accessible by wheelchair. If this is of interest, please contact us SARAH@THEMAKERY.CO.UK

b) We've redesigned and rebuilt our website so the online shop is now a nice, smooth shopping experience. We will also offer a click and collect service & will gladly bring any purchases down to you.

2) Pushchairs

a) We have a 'buggy buzzer', and are more than happy to pop down and help you carry pushchairs up our stairs.

b) We're researching options to have a lock-up area downstairs so that customers can bring their babes upstairs. We'll keep you posted on that one.

So once again, we're so dreadfully sorry to anyone who can no longer visit our shop. Honestly, if we could have done it differently, we would have. X

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