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About Us

We’ve always enjoyed the lovely sense of fulfilment from making things ourselves

Pic: Ferla Paolo Photography

...and started to notice more and more people joining in the Make revolution. Viva the revolution! So, we decided to give up our comfortable, safe jobs and follow our hearts. We had the idea for The Makery around Christmas 2008 with the dream of building a creative hub, where people could come and learn countless new skills as well as having lots of fun in a relaxed and welcoming place. We spent months researching and planning, with the aim of launching in time for Christmas 2009. We are committed to helping anyone who wants to be terrifically creative, learn to live more resourcefully and have thoroughly good fun!

We want to show you how to save yourself money and hopefully be less dependent on big faceless corporations. If you can make it yourself, you won’t need to buy it. If itʼs broken and you can mend it, you won’t need to replace it. If it’s old and you can reinvent it, you won’t need to update it! Like the idea? It makes perfect sense to us!

Since opening in 2009, we've taught almost 70,000 people a new skill in our workshops, parties and events! We've moved premises a couple of times and are now settled in a beautiful Georgian house in the centre of Bath. We've also been running our workshops from John Lewis Oxford Street since April 2015. Our lovely range of kits and merchandise is distributed worldwide, as are our 2 books. And we run creative events with various businesses such as W Hotels, Soho House and Stylist.


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