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About Us

Creativity is contagious...Pass it on!

Pic: Ferla Paolo Photography

...And there's really nothing like the immense sense of fulfilment to be had from learning a new skill and making something yourself.

In 2008 we decided to give up our comfortable, safe jobs and follow our hearts, with the mission to be the most accessible, relevant and aspirational craft brand,
that enables EVERYONE to experience the power of making.

Since opening in 2009, we've taught over 100,000 people a new skill in our workshops, parties and events!

Our HQ is in beautiful Bath, and we also operate out of John Lewis Oxford Street.

Our branded range of kits and merchandise is distributed worldwide, as are our 2 books.

And we run creative events with many world-class businesses such as W Hotels, Soho House, Warner Brothers, Anthropologie and Stylist.


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