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Tek Tek Yarn

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Famed for its eco-friendliness, Tek Tek yarn is made using up-cycled fabric from the textile industry. These vibrant t-shirt and fabric yarns are ideal for knitting, crochet and macramé projects. Make everything from trendy tops to nifty storage baskets with this luxuriously soft yarn.

Create Beautiful Projects

Lots of fabric is discarded in the fashion industry when clothes are manufactured. Instead of letting this go to waste, Tek Tek uses the remnants to create their beautiful yarns. Their aim is to minimise the waste produced by this industry and give back to Mother Nature – amen to that!

Only the highest quality fabric is used to produce these gorgeous yarns. Not only are they super soft, they’re also chunky and robust to create long-lasting projects. Whether you’re new to crafting or a seasoned expert, there’s a Tek Tek yarn just waiting for you.

Choose from a range of bright, bold shades including cherry pink, coral red and fluorescent yellow. Not sure what to create with your new yarn? Check out our great tutorial on making a mini Tek Tek storage basket.

As well as yarn, we supply handy stitch markers in various colours so you can keep track of your Tek Tek projects.

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