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Iron On Patches

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Want to rejuvenate a pair of old jeans or make your denim jacket look more original? Customise your clothes and accessories with our trendy iron on patches. Choose from a range of designs including animals, food and music.  

Embroidered patches never go out of fashion and will bring your worn out clothes back to life. They’re the perfect way to express your personality, show off your hobbies and be more inventive.

Not only are these patches super quick and easy to apply, they’re sturdy and won’t come away in the wash. So dig out all those neglected clothes and get creative!

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Create a Unique Look

Embroidered patches give you the power to transform plain clothes and accessories into something that’s much more you. You can personalise jeans, jackets and bags to suit your own tastes and make an old outfit look current again. They’re great for giving your clothes a bit of love rather than simply replacing them.

If you adore animals, brighten up your clothes with one of our flamboyant flamingos. Want to go for a more fiery look? You’ll love this fierce tiger.

We also have plenty of choices for the foodies out there. Adorn a garment of your choice with a sweet little lollipop or this sparkly sequin pineapple. Want to pull off an edgier look? The arrow heart, colourful skulls and electric guitar patches will definitely do the trick.

Why not come and learn a new craft to make your own clothes and accessories? Check out our exciting craft workshops in Bath and London.

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