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Unicorn Horn Headband

Posted on June 12, 2017 by The Makery

Unicorns are a big trend this year and we're obsessed too! This quirky unicorn headband is not just for little ones, it's great for festivals and for all ages! Just thrown some glitter in your hair and stick some sequins on your cheeks and it's party time! 

What you need to make a Unicorn Headband

You’ll need:

Hair band








Needle & thread


Cut out felt horn: 30cm x 10cm at the widest points

Fold in half. Stitch leaving 5mm gap at one end and 3cm gap at the other. Stuff the horn through the 3cm gap, then stitch closed leaving a 5mm gap.

Put a little glue in the centre of the hairband, then slide the horn onto the band.

Cut out felt ears x 2 (10cm x 5cm)

Cut out felt ear fronts x 2

Glue the ear fronts to the ears.

Cover the ears with glue, then fold them in half over the band, 2cm to either side of the horn. 

Thread your needle, and wind the thread around the horn; stitching to secure at the top and bottom.

Cut 2 pieces netting: 25cm x 10cm. Tie each piece around the band between the ears and horn.

Take lengths of ribbon/sequins etc and stitch to the felt underneath the horn.

We hope you love this tutorial if you did we'd really appreciate you sharing it with your friends. 

Share you finished scrunchies with us on our social media channels, tag #makerymakes and each month we pick a lucky crafter to win £10 worth of fabric!

Happy making,

Kate -x-

PS. We'd love to see a photo of you wearing it! 

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