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How to Iron on Embroidered Patches so they STAY on!

Posted on June 21, 2017 by The Makery

Iron-on embroidered patches are our favourite craze to hit the high street. All the top fashion brands are adding patches to denims and cottons and we're loving it!

At The Makery we sell loads of awesome iron-on embroidered patch designs and we have more coming in all the time so keep your eyes peeled. 

One question we get asked a lot is how do you iron on your patches so they STAY ON! So we've put together this quick video to show you how.

Pssssst! Did you know? If you don't want them to be permanent you can stitch them on to your fabric! 👌

How to Iron on Embroidered Patches

Here's what you'll need to iron on your patch.

1) Piece of clothing that you want your patch to go onto
2) Pressing cloth (scrap bit of fabric or tea towel)
3) Patch
4) Iron
5) Ironing Board


1) Heat up your Iron to the MAX
2) Make sure the steam is turned OFF
3) Place the patch where you want it to go
4) Put your pressing cloth over the patch
5) Iron (keeping it moving at all times) for 30secs. If it doesn't stick after that time, keep going till it does.
6) Turn your garment inside out
7) Locate the patch and iron again for 30sec minimum on the inside

Thats it, you're done. Now rock out wearing your patch with pride.

Thanks for watching!

Poppy -x-

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