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15 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Posted on September 28, 2017 by The Makery | 0 comments

Looking for Halloween inspiration? Halloween is huge in the US so we asked our friend Annabelle from across the pond to put together some spooky ideas of what to wear when trick or treating!

We'd love to see your costumes, post and tag #makerymakes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

1. Mummified

Do you have an old white sheet laying around the house? Just cut it into strands and wrap it all around your child – tying it where necessary to keep it on. They will look like they came straight from the pyramids of Egypt in no time. 

2. Raining Cats and Dogs

What kid doesn’t love their furry little friend? If your child is an animal lover, this is the costume for them!

Grab some cutouts of cats and dogs then glue them to a clear umbrella. Stick your kid in their rain jacket and rain boots and voila! It is raining cats and dogs, now.

3. Casper the Friendly Ghost

This is another great costume if you have an old white sheet laying around… Simply cut holes for their eyes and drape it right over them. 

4. My Only Sunshine

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey…”

Let your child’s light shine bright by dressing them from head to toe in orange, then cut out a big sun from felt and glue it to their shirt.

5. Bewitched

Grab a pointy hat, their favourite dress, and your kitchen broom and your little witch is ready to cast some spells.

6. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Simply grab a rainbow striped t-shirt and some leggings, then make a rainbow tutu by tying some tulle around a piece of ribbon (acting as a belt). 


Paint your child’s face green, use black paint to draw a scar on their forehead, then dress them in older dress clothes and send them on their way.

Don’t forget to show them how to do the Frankenstein walk! 

8. Cute Cat

Not much is sweeter than a cute little kitty.

Sew a small tail for your child, dress them in a solid color (whichever kitty colour they choose) and put them in a ski mask or something that resembles one. Add some hand-sewn ears to the top of the mask and they are ready to “meow” through the neighbourhood. 

9. Moo-Moo Cow

Take an oversized white t-shirt and glue black felt cutouts on it that look like spots. You can even add an empty milk jug to their hand if you really want to seal the deal! 

10. Feisty Devil

If your child is the feisty type, they might just want to embrace their personality and go as a fiery devil! You can use cardboard to cut out a pitchfork then paint it red. Dress them from head to toe in red, add the pitchfork and you are ready to go! 

11. Scrub A Dub-Dub

Grab an inflatable baby bathtub (preferably one that looks like a duck) and cut a hole in the bottom of it so your child can wear it around their waist.

Blow up some white balloons and stick them around the inflatable tub to look like bubbles.

You can even accessorize by putting bath poufs in their hair. 

12. Pretty, Pretty Princess

I bet you never thought you would get your use out of all those dress-up clothes… Think again.

Have your child dress up in their favorite princess dress-up dress, then simply add a matching hat and a wand. 

13. 80’s Rocker

This might just be one of my favorites because you probably have most of the stuff at home:

Grab your child one of your old rocker t-shirts or even buy one from your local charity shop for a few pounds, grab their favourite toy guitar and an old wig and they are ready to rock and roll!

You could even accessorise with black fingernail polish and eyeliner if you're really feeling theatrical. 

14. Tomato Costume

You might not be able to get them to eat their vegetables, but surely you can get them to wear them!

Give your child red leggings and a red oversized t-shirt, then use green felt to cut the strands that sit on top of the tomato – sew or glue them around the collar of the shirt. Then, grab a plain red beanie and do the same thing with the green felt on the top of it.

15. Scuba Diver

Do you have a little swimmer on your hands?Put them in black trousers, a black long-sleeve shirt, and black gloves and shoes. Then, add a pair of goggles to their head and your little swimmer is ready to hit the water!

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Fun Team Building Activities: 5 Creative Ideas

Posted on June 20, 2017 by The Makery | 0 comments

It’s well known that colleagues who get along, work well as a team and communicate effectively are more motivated and productive. Teambuilding tasks encourage people to use a whole range of skills including leadership, problem solving and resourcefulness. They also break down barriers between peers and help people discover their strengths.

If you’re looking for fun team building activities, we have a variety of creative tasks that will boost morale and build new skills. Here are 5 ideas that will have the team buzzing with energy.  

Coaster Making

Making coasters is a great activity that allows people to tap into their creative side. Not only is this entertaining in itself, everyone also gets a keepsake for their workspace as a reminder of the fun day they had.

DIY Bath Bombs

Do you want a team building activity to help people de-stress?

Making bath bombs is a way for everyone to unwind and experiment with an array of heavenly fragrances. People are sure to feel energised and recharged after using their handmade bath bomb too.  


Printmaking can help people express themselves and reconnect with their artistic flair that they probably left behind at school. We’ll teach everyone how to make a design they can really be proud of.

DIY Lampshades

Creative team building exercises like lampshade making can ease work-related stress and help people forget about trivial day-to-day problems. Making upholstery is also a practical skill that can always come in handy.

DIY Sock Monkeys

Everyone loves to abandon adulthood and be a kid from time to time. Crafting sock monkeys sets a light-hearted atmosphere for the team to relax. Even better - everyone gets cute little companions for their desk!

Get in touch to book your team building event at our beautiful premises in Bath. Our friendly tutors will spark your creativity in no time.

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5 Crafty Hen Party Ideas

Posted on May 04, 2017 by The Makery | 1 comment

A hen party is a major event in a bride-to-be’s life. It’s a time to get together with the most important women in her life and enjoy a well-deserved break from stressful wedding planning.

Organising the all-important hen do is a tricky task as there are so many decisions to make. Does the party idea exclude any of the attendees? Is the venue easy for everyone to get to? Is it mum-friendly? And what about the budget?

If the bride-to-be doesn’t just want to dance on tables, stray from the norm and throw a different kind of hen do instead. Here are 5 great hen party ideas.

1) Hen party at The Makery, Bath

We have beautiful premises in Bath and host a variety of popular hen party activities. These are perfect if your bride-to-be is a creative soul or is up for trying something a bit different. We’ll teach you how to make your own flower crowns, garters and even nipple tassels! Set up for all levels of ability, we’re fully licensed (10% discount on pre-orders), very central and include a free Hen Party Challenge that gets you out and about in the stunning city of Bath.

Make your own flower crowns, nipple tassels & more at our workshops.

2) Crafty party at home

Can’t make it to Bath? Not to worry – we can deliver hen party kits direct to your door. Using either our detailed instructions or our super fun online video tutorials, you can all make nipple tassels, bunting and garters using these fab little kits. These crafty activities are sure to get everyone giggling, especially after a glass of wine or two!

Make your own garters, nipple tassels and bunting with our handy home kits.

3) Life drawing workshop (Bath)

The cheekier hens out there will love our life drawing class in Bath. Learning a new skill fuelled by a few beverages guarantees a fun-filled afternoon (trust us, we’ve been running these parties for 8 years!).

Our life drawing classes are one of our most popular hen party ideas.

4) Freehand machine embroidery workshop (John Lewis, London)

Freehand machine embroidery is one of our most popular workshops – and for good reason. This is suitable for beginners so everyone can create their own lovely keepsake.

Our freehand machine embroidery workshop is a lot of fun!

5) Sew your own knickers workshop (John Lewis, London)

If you fancy more of a challenge, our knickers sewing workshop gives you just that. This class requires some experience with a sewing machine, making it ideal for a group of craft lovers.

We'll teach you how to make your own knickers!

Want to win the ultimate hen do? Enter our competition!



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Selvedge Spring Fair in Bath

Posted on March 07, 2017 by The Makery | 0 comments

We're delighted to reveal we're teaming up with renowned textile magazine Selvedge Magazine for a gorgeous competition to win a 'Crafty Day Out' in Bath.

On Saturday 25th March Selvedge is taking over the Tea Room in The Bath Assembly Rooms for its seasonal Spring Fair and bringing together some of the finest UK-based merchants and makers. On sale will be rare fabrics and textile treasures, making it the perfect place to find that special Mother’s Day gift.

Selvedge Spring Fair Bath

The competition is for TWO tickets to the Selvedge Fair in Bath and TWO places on our Make a Vintage Belt Bag workshop at The Makery. A wonderful day out for you and a loved one.

To enter and win the grand prize just click this link and follow the instructions. We will pick a winner on March 10. Good luck!

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W Hotels & London Fashion Week: Makery Patch Workshop

Posted on March 06, 2017 by The Makery | 0 comments

We had the pleasure of working with W Hotels once again in February, to celebrate London Fashion Week.

iron on patches

Their popular 'Finishing Touches' event was a huge success, attracting bloggers, fashion fans and influencers all eager to get their beauty and style fixes during the capital’s fashionable highlight.

applique patch trend

We embraced our love of the 'oh so now' Patch trend to update everyone's wardrobes with our bold and beautiful embroidered patches.

fashion customising workshop activation

 If you fancy a bit of the Patch action, you can shop our range here!

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Take some time out and sew together

Posted on November 29, 2016 by The Makery | 0 comments

With a Makery sewing kit in my backpack I headed out on a bitter cold November morning to run a workshop at a homeless day centre in Central London. I arrive at The Passage, St Vincent's Centre and I am struck by it's airy, light and welcoming atmosphere.


I set up a workshop ready to teach a group of people how to hand patchwork. There was an array of fabrics to choose from, hot tea and coffee and a delicious spread of biscuits. Hospitality is big in The Passage and it seems to me that everyone was welcome. 

Mark, Eva, Brian, Eilis and Anne start off the morning and more people join in as the chin-wagging and sharing stitching stories begins. It was wonderful to see such a warm group of people, some of whom had never sewn before, become so absorbed in this collective activity. Despite the challenges they are facing in other parts of their lives everyone in the group came together and shared in a common experience. By the end of the session, cushion covers were being completed and sense of achievement was being shared. 

It's great to take some time out, no matter how hard, how busy, or how uninspiring life feels. The people of The Passage day centre inspired me to remember that to simply sew together is one of life's joys.  

Here are the thoughts of some of the people from the workshop: 

"How lovely to spend a morning sewing and talking together, it's something I have not done in a long time and I have remembered how much I enjoyed it"

"I never thought I would be able to learn to sew in just one morning but I did"

"I would love if we could do this every Friday morning, Emily was so patient and really gave us confidence that we could do it"

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