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A Quilt of Memories

Posted on March 06, 2015 by The Makery | 0 comments

Do you recall the colour of your favourite dress? The smell of a childhood blanket? The pattern on the drawing room curtains?

All the fabrics that surround us; in our wardrobes, homes, offices and communities have stories. 

WeFabricate is a community art organisation exploring these stories in a project called A Quilt of Memories. 

Emily Langdon is a textile artist who makes quilts (and also happens to be one of our amazing tutors here at The Makery). Her most recent quilt is now on display at Bath Central Library. This quilt has a long history - it was first started back in the 1950's by a lady called Su Elliott and contains lots of different fabrics, from many places and people. Emily finished the quilt last year following a commission from Su's daughter - Clare. That's over 60 years since it was first started!

What's so great about Su and Clare's quilt is that it has inspired another one - although this one will look rather different....it will be a quilt of written memories

WeFabricate is looking for contributions to go into this quilt. This could be anything - an idea, a story, a memory - as long as it's inspired by a fabric. For example:

  • An item of clothing your grandfather used to wear.
  • A wigwam that you used to hide away in at the bottom of the garden.
  • A description of a familiar pattern.
  • A memory of the smell of clean bedsheets.
  • Your dislike of how velvet feels against the skin.
  • The dress you can’t believe you wore to your first disco.
  • The collection of flags from your travels abroad.
  • The first fabric you bought at The Makery!

Please share your memories here in the comments, or on the WeFabricate facebook page, or you can send an email direct to emily.langdon1@googlemail.com.

If you'd like to come and visit Emily during her artist residency at Bath Central Library, she'll be in the foyer during opening house from Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th March. Drop in and learn how to hand-patchwork for free while sharing your fabric memories. 

Everyone who provides a memory will be entered into a prize draw to win a patchwork cushion! Good luck!

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Shop our new British designed fabrics

Posted on April 17, 2014 by The Makery | 2 comments

There is always much excitement when we get new fabric in at The Makery. This week we took delivery of eight new delicious cottons. Mmmmmmmm. Which one's your favourite?


We sell all of these fabrics by the metre and also as a fat quarters, in our shop in Bath and online.

Did you know fat quarters are not just for quilting? They are big enough for cushion cover and all sorts of accessories for fashion and around the home.

This week we are running a competition to win a fat quarter every day on Facebook. Come and have a go! (This is now closed).




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Princess & the Pea | Inspired by

Posted on February 13, 2014 by The Makery | 0 comments

Why is it things always seem so much sweeter when they are created in miniature?

How lovely is this little Liberty print Princess & the Pea (top left) designed by Etsy seller Do Little Design?

Each of the 10 little mattresses are doubled sided so you get 20 pieces of Japanese cotton to coo over, and each stuffed with lavender buds so they smell gorgeous.

We think even Hans Christian Andersen would be smiling.


// Pea inspiration //

If you're a fat quarter and stash addict the Princess & the Pea is the perfect project for you. 

Not only does it let you use up those favourite offcuts but if you're new to quilting the little mattresses are a lovely stress free way to practice your quilting, you can make as many as you like without the worry of a whole quilt!

The finished thing would make a lovely story telling prop for a child or just a lovely addition to your collectibles. 

Get inspired with fabric from The Makery or if you need a pattern check out More Softies or if you are a knitter you'll love this one by Susan B Anderson.

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Learn: Free Motion Embroidery

Posted on February 06, 2014 by The Makery | 1 comment

Free motion embroidery is one of those techniques that when you show off your finished creation it's guaranteed some "ooohs" and "aaaahs".

Creating super sweet embroidered designs with a needle and thread is really satisfying, but from the moment you discover how easy free motion embroidery is, you'll definitely become ADDICTED. If you've not seen it before the technique is a bit like painting with your sewing machine. Isn’t that just the coolest thing to do!?  And the best bit is you don't have to be really neat (or able to paint) so it's great for beginners. 

Using embroidery to embellish things is as old as the ark but using the machine to create beautiful designs in the last few years has hit the mainstream adorning all sorts of things from tea towels to tea cosies. 

We love this colourful birdy from Little Pip Designs on Etsy - can you see how the edges look all scribbly like they have been sketched?

Have you tried free motion embroidery? Or perhaps you've bought something with it on and it's inspired you to have a go. Need more inspiration? Then check out these designs on Pinterest.

In our book ‘Makery’ Kate showed a really simple way to get started with Free Hand Embroidery. Did you have a go? We’d love to see the results on our Facebook page.

The tea cup cushion from our first book 'Makery'


If you fancy coming to one of our Free Motion Embroidery workshops we'd love to see you. You can even book online.

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