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Fun Team Building Activities: 5 Creative Ideas

Posted on June 20, 2017 by The Makery | 0 comments

It’s well known that colleagues who get along, work well as a team and communicate effectively are more motivated and productive. Teambuilding tasks encourage people to use a whole range of skills including leadership, problem solving and resourcefulness. They also break down barriers between peers and help people discover their strengths.

If you’re looking for fun team building activities, we have a variety of creative tasks that will boost morale and build new skills. Here are 5 ideas that will have the team buzzing with energy.  

Coaster Making

Making coasters is a great activity that allows people to tap into their creative side. Not only is this entertaining in itself, everyone also gets a keepsake for their workspace as a reminder of the fun day they had.

DIY Bath Bombs

Do you want a team building activity to help people de-stress?

Making bath bombs is a way for everyone to unwind and experiment with an array of heavenly fragrances. People are sure to feel energised and recharged after using their handmade bath bomb too.  


Printmaking can help people express themselves and reconnect with their artistic flair that they probably left behind at school. We’ll teach everyone how to make a design they can really be proud of.

DIY Lampshades

Creative team building exercises like lampshade making can ease work-related stress and help people forget about trivial day-to-day problems. Making upholstery is also a practical skill that can always come in handy.

DIY Sock Monkeys

Everyone loves to abandon adulthood and be a kid from time to time. Crafting sock monkeys sets a light-hearted atmosphere for the team to relax. Even better - everyone gets cute little companions for their desk!

Get in touch to book your team building event at our beautiful premises in Bath. Our friendly tutors will spark your creativity in no time.

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Hire The Makery for your team building away day, meeting or event

Posted on July 22, 2014 by The Makery | 0 comments

The Makery is renowned in Bath for it’s creative space, hosting an array of “wonderful workshops”, “fantastic hen do’s” and “insanely cool” children’s parties.

……..now we’re adding another string to our bow.

Having moved into our beautiful expanded premises in Union Passage, with it’s multitude of sunny spaces, The Makery is delighted to announce that we have space enough to share and rooms to hire:

- Come and utilise our workshop for your corporate away day.

- Host your product launch in our elegant drawing room.

- Treat your colleagues to an evening of making. 

Come one and all and hire our space!

We reckon we’re the ultimate inspirational venue for any event, whether it’s a creative company fun day, a team building afternoon, a meeting of great minds or a launch party. Perhaps it’s just the space you’re after, or maybe you would like to add an exciting activity.

Take a tour of our majestic rooms




If you’ve got time on your team building day, or you want to throw a quirky making session at the end of your business meeting, then we’ve got a few ideas for you. 

Printmaking: 3hrs, £20 per head

With ample guidance we’ll lead you through designing and making your own lino print. Everyone can print their own pieces and and then we’ll bring your designs together to make up a large collaborative canvas!

It’ll be the talk of the office! 

Sock Monkeys: 2hrs £17 per head

Depending on the size of the gathering, we can divide into smaller groups and each group can designs and make with help from the Makery staff a wonderful little sock creature! These little dudes can be customised with buttons, ribbons, waistcoats, moustaches, if you can imagine it, lets make it! The customisation can fit in with the teams dynamic, perhaps it’s a finance sock monkey, or a cookery monkey. There is so much scope for creativity. 

T-shirt Design: 1hr 30mins £15 per head

With all the creative facilities on hand, we can design and stitch a fabulous set of personalised T-shirts. 

If you choose to have an activity it doesn’t have to be craft, we have friends all over Bath who are happy to come and spend a couple of hours with you and your colleagues.

Perhaps a yoga session to start the day, some fun acting activities to accompany lunch, or a wine tasting hour to finish your day and go out on a buzz!

A great location

Down our rainbow coloured stairs and out the door and you’re in the centre of Bath. A vibrant centre full of loads of places to eat, explore and admire.


For more information on booking one of our spaces or to answer any of your questions please drop emily@themakery.co.uk an email or give us a call on 01225 581888.

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