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Sew Scrubs: FREE Scrubs Pattern (no printing required)

Posted on April 02, 2020 by The Makery | 16 comments

free scrubs pattern

Hey Lovely People!

A friend of mine is a doctor at the local hospital, and she alerted me to the fact that they're extremely low on Scrubs for the doctors and nurses to wear. Especially GPs making home visits, as new sets of scrubs are required for each visit. So, we have made a FREE pattern that you can recreate at home: Very much simplified! No printing required / no purchase required. Just click this link to send us your email address and be sent the pattern and instructions. 

Click here to purchase the supplies to make Scrubs. If you have supplies at home already, Fabric suitable to make Scrubs is a good quality 100% cotton as long as it's washable at 60 degrees. You can also use good bed linen as long as it can be washed at 60 degrees. No brushed cotton though please. 

I have added a message of thanks into the pockets of all the pairs I have made...Mine is added with vinyl, but you could stitch a message.

You can send your finished scrubs to us, or contact your local hub via https://scrubhub.org.uk/

Please don't forget to tag us in any pictures of your finished makes - it literally brings tears to my eyes as I see these being made for our wonderful NHS:


A handful of amazing people yesterday asked to donate to help cover our costs in producing the pattern, materials for scrubs, sending them all out etc. So we've set up a page if anyone else would like to make a small contribution for your copy of our pattern. No obligation of course, but under the circumstances, more appreciated than I can explain. Here's that link:  https://ko-fi.com/themakery

Happy sewing - what a wonderful community the sewing world is :)

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  • Angela Harper

    Thank you so much for this information I’ve been trying to find patterns for this. I will let you know how I get on.
    Bless you
    Angela xx

  • The Revd G C Maynard

    I would like the pattern instructions for scrubs please and anything else that you have for NHS. Many thanks

  • val vincent

    Thanks for pattern have made 4 lots of scrubs its a good idea that you have sent out to sewers

  • Wendy

    Please could I have a pattern. My father died a few years ago leaving 4 old fashioned sheets that I haven’t been able to use I’m thinking they would do????

  • Gina J

    Hello Jan. Yes I was puzzled, but I think you have to email to get the download. If I’m wrong, apologies.

  • Val Vincent

    Can you send me a patternrn for scrubs please. 33Foster rd Frome Somerset BA11NY

  • Paula Harding

    Please download any patterns that you have for homemaking of scrub and if you also have any for facemasks too. Thankyou

  • pat linney

    would like to try and make scrubs I have family members who are working for NHS

  • Jessica

    Thank you for the very easy to follow scrubs cutting out instructions. I think there might be an error on the Back no. 2 instruction, one says 29cm and pic says 39cm. I’m hoping the 29cm is correct, that’s the one I’ve done.Now going to start putting it all together.
    Many thanks, your very clever!!

  • Jo Parry

    Please email scrubs pattern and instructions for medium and large. Thanks


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