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Q&A: Lottie Storey - Photography & Styling Tutor

Posted on February 06, 2018 by The Makery | 0 comments

We're thrilled to welcome the wonderful Lottie Storey to our Makery team!

Lottie is a blogger (Oyster and Pearl), Writer and Digital Editor (Mollie Makes, The Simple Things, Project Calm) and all-round lovely human.

Lottie is the new tutor of our Photography & Styling Workshops who will teach you how to get the most out of your camera phone, how to compose and take pictures you're proud of, and she'll impart many tips and tricks on how to successfully share them online and boost your exposure.

We couldn't wait to get Lottie to dish the dirt on her new job and find out her top tips for Instagram success! 

The Makery: Lottie! We're so pleased you're teaching our Photography & Styling Workshop at The Makery can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Lottie: Yes! Where to start…? I’m a full time freelance writer, editor and social media pro living in Bristol with my boyfriend, five kids and two kittens. My work ranges from photo shoots for brands to magazine features and web content, so that keeps me pretty busy.

The Makery: Wow, sounds fun! What do you get up to when you're not at The Makery?

Lottie: Outside of work, I love cooking and I’m a member of Bristol Cookbook Club, where we pick a book and all cook and share dishes from it. It’s so much fun.

The Makery: Can you tell us about the workshop and why you're looking forward to teaching it?

Lottie: The workshop is such a brilliant opportunity to share the information I’ve learned the hard way in 7 years of photographing and sharing content on Instagram. I’m looking forward to passing on my insider secrets!

The Makery: 
If you could only one social media app which would it be?

Lottie: Why would you ask me that? It’s such a hard question… Probably Instagram because you can do a bit of everything with it - pictures, video, captions and a good nose around at what everyone is up to.

The Makery: So what phone do you have?

Lottie: I have an iPhone 6S but it’s starting to run slow… I’m eyeing up maybe an 8. I’d love a 10 but my kids would be all over it!

The Makery:
Do it! Which apps do you use the most?

Lottie: Aside from the usual Instagram/Facebook/Twitter loop, I probably use the BBC Radio app every day. A Color Story is my photo editing app of choice, and I’ve just started using HappyFeed with the kids - it’s a gratitude journal. And the Couch 2 5k app is amazing if you want to learn to run!

The Makery: Can you tell us 3 of your favourite Instagram accounts and why?

Lottie: Yes - I LOVE @kymgrimshaw’s pictures! We work together on food features for magazines and her eye is just always spot on. @capturebylucy is an amazing photographer and blogger who also makes brilliant backdrops that I use for photo shoots all the time. And I’m obsessively following the story of @elsielarson adopting baby Nova - so amazing.

The Makery: What's your favourite place to take photos?

Lottie: I like interesting cities, so Bath and Bristol are always great for snaps. Old buildings, little nooks and crannies, interesting shops, florists… You’ll find all of those on my feed.

The Makery: What Insta is your guilty pleasure? (He he we think we know!)

Lottie: David Beckham’s Instagram stories! He does loads and I’m nosey.

The Makery: Tell us a top camera phone photography tip!

Lottie: You can use the volume button to take pictures!

The Makery: Great tips thank you Miss Lottie, we can't wait to see all your lovely photos! 

Book onto Lottie's Photography & Styling Workshop at The Makery in Bath.




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