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Make a Rope Rainbow Wall Hanging DIY

Posted on June 08, 2020 by The Makery | 0 comments

I've been desperate to share this HAPPY make with you! It's simple to achieve, doesn't take too long and looks wonderful. And it's wonderfully therapeutic to make.

You will need:
-1.5m Rope (Twisted cotton rope is best)
-Yarn x 4 colours (Roughly 9m each colour - we like cotton DK yarn best of all, but you can use anything. We've even used strips of fabric to great effect! If you choose to use fabric, it must be very lightweight and cut to roughly 0.5cm width strips)
-Tape Measure

-Pins (Optional)
-Tape or Masking Tape
-Card, Fabric, Leather, Canvas or Heavy Iron-On Interfacing
-Hairbrush or Pet Brush

1) Lay the rope into a rainbow shape and cut into 4 strands. As you cut the rope, bind each end with tape to stop them unravelling.  
diy rope rainbow
2) Mark across all 4 lengths of rope, where you'd like the rainbow to start/finish. You can use pins or the pencil for this. I'd advise leaving between 8-10cm of plain rope at each end.
3) Take the outer rope piece and the yarn you'd like on the the outside. Tie a tight knot around the rope, making sure the knot is at the back. Dab some glue over the dot. Start winding the yarn around the rope, making sure each wind sits right next to the last. This can take a little work, but as soon as you get the knack, it's easier. Best advice: Don't go too fast. Wind tightly. Keep the rope curved as you wind, and you will find it holds its shape nicely.

4) When you reach your marker at the other end, tie a knot in the yarn. Make sure the knot is on the back. Then add a dab of glue over the knot to hold it in place. Repeat steps 3 + 4 for each yarn colour and rope piece.
5) Position the yarn-wound rope in position for your rainbow. Make sure they're nice and tight together. Thread the needle and tie a knot in the end. On the back of your rainbow, starting in the middle, make stitches through the rope to hold them together. 
6) Continue working around the rainbow, making sure the ropes are in position before you stitch them together. Tie a knot when you reach the end of the yarn. Then start again in the middle and work out towards the other end. 
7) Take your card/fabric/leather/interfacing and place it on the table, wrong side up. Lay your rope rainbow on top, right side up. Draw around the rainbow onto the card (or similar), stopping at the bottom of the yarn wound area. Cut out the card roughly 0.5cm inside your drawn line: So the card should be slightly smaller than the rainbow yarn area. Cut a small line in the top centre of the card, horizontally. 
8) Cut a 6cm length of yarn (or ribbon). Fold it in half and thread the cut ends through the cut in the card, from right to wrong side. Cover the card (or similar) with glue, making sure you catch the cut ends of the yarn or ribbon. (If you're using interfacing, don't apply glue)
9) Stick the glued card (or similar) to the wrong side of your rainbow. (If you're using interfacing, place the shiny side against the wrong side of your rainbow and iron in place). If using glue, I now place the rainbow under a couple of books for a while to fix in place. 
10) Once the glue has dried, turn your rainbow over. Nearly there! The last step is to remove the tape from the rope, and brush out the ends out to make them lovely and fluffy! Untwist the rope, and start at the ends, carefully brush until the rope is unfurled. Don't tug too hard! If when you've finished you find the rope is still curled, you can use hair straighteners to flatten it, but only if your rope is cotton!
We'd love to see your creations! Please do remember to share with us :)
And if you tag with #makerymakes you may win some fabric - we pick our fave each month!
Happy making lovely people xx
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