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DIY Light-Up Letters Made Easy!

Posted on November 24, 2015 by The Makery | 0 comments

Oh my, have you seen our lovely new light-up letters?! They are seriously so much fun to craft with, we're all hooked.
They're perfect for special occasion gifts such as weddings, birthdays and newborn babies or even a gift to yourself to spell out a name, initials or anything you like! 

decorated light up letters

Each letter comes with the lights and a template so you can decorate your letter if you like!
You can keep the letters white or go crazy with colour by painting them, using glitter, covering them with washi tape or using paper. We've played with wallpaper, glitter paper, wrapping paper etc. But you could use anything! There are also stars and ampersands to choose from, so the options are endless!

Glitter paper arrow Ingredients to decorate light up letters

It's so simple - you cut around the template onto your paper, then poke the bulbs through to hold everything in place. 

Watch this space for a video of how we personalised our Light Up Letters to inspire you! In the meantime, have a look at our collection and see what you can spell out with these beauties!

example of how to decorate light up letters
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