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8 tips for Christmas crafting

Posted on October 05, 2014 by The Makery | 0 comments
All of us crafty types know if you're going to make Christmas presents and decorations you need to start early. Don't get us wrong, you still could be sewing as Father Christmas' legs appear down the chimney but a little bit of planning will help alleviate some of the panic.


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Making Christmas presents is a great way to not only save money but add the personal touch to show you have thought about the present and have spent time making it. 
Enjoy making your Christmas goodies, there's nothing so rewarding than giving a handmade gift.

8 tips for Christmas crafting

1. Make a list of presents and trimmings you want to make
2. Be realistic about time available and how ambitious the plans are - the festive period is a busy time with parties and Christmas catch-up drinks
3. Create a secret Pinterest board for ideas and start browsing tutorials 
4. Plan a workshop at The Makery or join a making group to help keep you focussed
5. Pick the project that will take the longest and make a list of the supplies you need
6. Gather and shop for craft supplies for the first two projects only - you may never get past these and will need funds for buying gifts!
7. Get making your first project
8. After two weeks look at your progress - depending on how many sleeps before Christmas - look at your other planned projects. Do you have time? Is there a quick one you can fit in?

Have you got a fail safe Christmas planning top tip? Let us know below. 

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