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Learn how to needle felt

Posted on February 20, 2014 by The Makery | 1 comment

Ever since Kirsty Allsop needle-felted a robin on national telly there's been a huge spike (ouch sorry!) in people wanting to learn how to needle felt.

We must say we're pretty crazy about the natty technique ourselves and it never fails to amaze us what can be fashioned out of some colourful fluffy felt.

Just look at these cutekins!   

What is needle felting?

Well, needle felting is a technique that matts together fibres of wool to create any kind of shape. Using a very sharp barbed needle you literally stab the fibres (great for de-stressing) down in one direction and as the barbs catch the fibres they matt together in a firm felt mass. By adding more fibre and through using the needle and different colour fibres you can make all sorts of shapes, we especially like cute animals!

This Christmas our needle felting kits from Crafty Little Sheep flew off the shelves! It was great to see so many people trying the craft for the first time or buying a needle felting project as a present. We bet the recipients were pretty chuffed to find that in their stocking! Did you get one? We'd love to hear (and see). 


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  • Amy

    How about a needle felting course to learn how to make one of those animals? I’d certainly be interested and know a few others who would like to too.


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