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Handmade Heroes #4: Ben Rothery illustrator

Posted on April 19, 2016 by The Makery | 0 comments

We are back with another instalment of our regular 'Handmade Heroes' feature! It is such a great feeling shouting out about our fave makers and this week we are bringing you somebody very dear to our creative hearts, it is the stupendously talented Ben Rothery Illustrator

Ben's studio is based in the honey coloured city of Bath, a place where he has become somewhat of a famous creative force. His intricate, highly detailed works have gathered a massive following and you can see how. He combines multiple processes to create intricate and delicate illustrations and repeating patterns full of fine detail and vibrant colour. 

You may recognise the illustrated Singer sewing machine print from our shop and website! We love to adorn our walls and work spaces with Ben's prints, they add a bolt of colour to the room and the high detail and remarkable quality of his work draws your eyes in making it difficult to look away! He has been a firm favourite with our customers looking to spruce up their sewing corners or work spaces. 

How one man can have that much control over a pencil we'll never know! Ben has the most insane portfolio, we wish we could just show all of his work here, but there is such an incredible variety we would be here for donkeys years! Whenever you see a new piece of work come from Ben be sure to watch out as you know he has started a trend, he has an amazing way of knowing what we are all going to love before we know ourselves. 

Not only is his work visually pleasing, but isn't he also a treat for the eyes? We know we will make him blush, even more reason to love him. Get in line though, he is in high demand, with collections for John Lewis and work popping up everywhere we see such an incredibly long and successful career for our Ben. He is a testament as to what talent, hard work and being an all round stand up guy can get you. We wait with bated breath as to what is around the corner and hope we can share such an amazing creative journey with him.

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