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Eggcellent Non-Chocolate Easter Eggs!

Posted on March 25, 2016 by The Makery | 0 comments

We all love a chocolate egg this time of year, but what if like us you're still recovering from all those festive treats from a few months back, or just fancy something a little more creative this Easter. We have compiled some cracking Decoupage Eggs that will have the whole family getting crafty this Easter.

We have looked high and low and found a fantastic range of techniques that can be used to decoupage your eggs. Our first faves are these golden wonders by Miss Renaissance, they just have maximum impact, imagine these sat as the centrepiece to your Easter Sunday dinner. You can find the tutorial on these incredible eggs on the Miss Renaissance Website. The metallics are a clever way to nod to the holidays but carry it out in a fabulous fashion!

Decorating eggs doesn't have to be creative chaos, if you want to keep it clean, then there are some nifty ways around it, plus kids are guaranteed to love them. How about simply wrapping eggs in wool or string, start with a plain string then with colouring pens create a rainbow of colours that can be wrapped around. It's best to use duck eggs as they are much more durable or hard boiled eggs. They are such a fab way for you all to get stuck in and spend some quality Easter time together this easter.

These eggs are out of this world, quite literally. We are all caught up in Star Wars fever at the moment and these appeal to everyone, young or old, boys and girls. If you want to get creative with the kids and keep them distracted while dinner is in the oven, then this is a super simple way to do so.

The main reason these are our ultimate faves is that they cost next to nothing! If you want to make them so your little ones might can get a lot of play out of them, then use wood or plastic eggs that can be picked up cheaply online, but if you just want to have creative time and are not too worried then normal eggs will suffice. All you need is just ordinary shop bought acrylic paints and brushes to get the detail. You can find the tutorial over on Frugal Fun 4 Boys Blog.

Now if you want to get messy and embrace creative chaos, Glitter Eggs are the way to go! We found them on Martha Stewarts brilliantly inspiring website, again any type of craft glue, PVA for example and of course lots of glitter. These eggs are a brilliant all rounder, they don't have to be just for Easter, they work for any occasion. Glitter eggs displayed in a vase is a fabulous way to bring a pop of colour into a room, you can match your eggs to a specific holiday such as Christmas, red and green glitter with a bit of ribbon. Mix the glitters together to get a real shimmer. 

We hope these have given you some food for thought and got you looking at your hard boiled egg shells a bit more creative in the mornings now. Please share with us when you make your own decoupage eggs this Easter, we are always looking to be inspired.

Happy Making x 


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