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Q&A: Lottie Storey - Photography & Styling Tutor

Posted on February 06, 2018 by The Makery | 0 comments

We're thrilled to welcome the wonderful Lottie Storey to our Makery team!

Lottie is a blogger (Oyster and Pearl), Writer and Digital Editor (Mollie Makes, The Simple Things, Project Calm) and all-round lovely human.

Lottie is the new tutor of our Photography & Styling Workshops who will teach you how to get the most out of your camera phone, how to compose and take pictures you're proud of, and she'll impart many tips and tricks on how to successfully share them online and boost your exposure.

We couldn't wait to get Lottie to dish the dirt on her new job and find out her top tips for Instagram success! 

The Makery: Lottie! We're so pleased you're teaching our Photography & Styling Workshop at The Makery can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Lottie: Yes! Where to start…? I’m a full time freelance writer, editor and social media pro living in Bristol with my boyfriend, five kids and two kittens. My work ranges from photo shoots for brands to magazine features and web content, so that keeps me pretty busy.

The Makery: Wow, sounds fun! What do you get up to when you're not at The Makery?

Lottie: Outside of work, I love cooking and I’m a member of Bristol Cookbook Club, where we pick a book and all cook and share dishes from it. It’s so much fun.

The Makery: Can you tell us about the workshop and why you're looking forward to teaching it?

Lottie: The workshop is such a brilliant opportunity to share the information I’ve learned the hard way in 7 years of photographing and sharing content on Instagram. I’m looking forward to passing on my insider secrets!

The Makery: 
If you could only one social media app which would it be?

Lottie: Why would you ask me that? It’s such a hard question… Probably Instagram because you can do a bit of everything with it - pictures, video, captions and a good nose around at what everyone is up to.

The Makery: So what phone do you have?

Lottie: I have an iPhone 6S but it’s starting to run slow… I’m eyeing up maybe an 8. I’d love a 10 but my kids would be all over it!

The Makery:
Do it! Which apps do you use the most?

Lottie: Aside from the usual Instagram/Facebook/Twitter loop, I probably use the BBC Radio app every day. A Color Story is my photo editing app of choice, and I’ve just started using HappyFeed with the kids - it’s a gratitude journal. And the Couch 2 5k app is amazing if you want to learn to run!

The Makery: Can you tell us 3 of your favourite Instagram accounts and why?

Lottie: Yes - I LOVE @kymgrimshaw’s pictures! We work together on food features for magazines and her eye is just always spot on. @capturebylucy is an amazing photographer and blogger who also makes brilliant backdrops that I use for photo shoots all the time. And I’m obsessively following the story of @elsielarson adopting baby Nova - so amazing.

The Makery: What's your favourite place to take photos?

Lottie: I like interesting cities, so Bath and Bristol are always great for snaps. Old buildings, little nooks and crannies, interesting shops, florists… You’ll find all of those on my feed.

The Makery: What Insta is your guilty pleasure? (He he we think we know!)

Lottie: David Beckham’s Instagram stories! He does loads and I’m nosey.

The Makery: Tell us a top camera phone photography tip!

Lottie: You can use the volume button to take pictures!

The Makery: Great tips thank you Miss Lottie, we can't wait to see all your lovely photos! 

Book onto Lottie's Photography & Styling Workshop at The Makery in Bath.

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Hen Party Ideas for crafty Hens

Posted on January 23, 2018 by The Makery | 0 comments

Planning a hen party for your bestie or sister? Oh man! We know how stressful it can be. We have helped thousands of hens organise dream hen parties at The Makery and we're pleased to say we are pretty good at it! (Check out our 5***** reviews on TripAdvisor!) 

At The Makery we offer all sorts of hen party activities from life drawing, to making flower crowns, garters, bunting, nipple tassels, to bath bombs, there is really is something for everyone, from the fun party girl to auntie Pamela.  

Hens love flower crowns!


Make some nipple tassels!

If you can't make it to The Makery in Bath because you live too far away or are planning a hen do in a rented house or abroad you can still have a Makery hen experience!

We have created Makery Hen Party Kits - 3 brilliant hen parties in a box!

They come in 3 gorgeous designs packed with everything you need to make either Hen Party Bunting, Nipple Tassels or Garters at home!

You get everything you need in a box - there's one each for your hens! 

Make garters to wear on the big day!

Who doesn't love some bunting =)

The Hen Party kits are ideal for crafty types but with our simple step-by-step instructions and video to 'watch along' hens don't need advanced sewing skills. 

What's included in the kits?

All materials needed for your chosen activity 

FREE Video Tutorial

Detailed instructions

Only £10 per head!

FREE Worldwide Delivery

Just add scissors!


You can order the kits online on our website but do get in touch if you have any questions, we are very happy to help.


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How to make a Christmas Stocking (Video tutorial)

Posted on November 15, 2017 by The Makery | 1 comment

Our learn how to make a Christmas stocking tutorial is one of our most popular how to videos. It's super easy to make and you'll learn how to make a stocking cuff and add a ribbon so you can hang it up ready for Santa Claus.

We've had loads of great comments about this video saying how easy it is to follow so it makes a good project for beginners or children with help from a grown-up. If you haven't got a sewing machine you can also hand sew, it will just take a bit longer. 

You will need:

1) Fabric for your stocking  

2) A piece of fabric for the cuff

3) Card to draw the pattern 

4) Pins

5) Ribbon

6) Scissors

7) Sewing machine

8) A cup of tea and a mince pie (essentials!)



Two of our lovely makers in our Makery workshop in John Lewis, London. 


If you fancy getting into the Christmas spirit come along to one of our Christmas Stocking Workshops or Bath and London and we'll show you step-by-step how to make a Christmas stocking.

If you make a stocking we'd love to see! Come and share with us on our social media channels! 

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Are you nervous about attending a workshop?

Posted on October 20, 2017 by The Makery | 0 comments

Since we opened our doors of The Makery in Bath in 2009 we've taught over 80,000 people a new skill.

WOW! We can't quite believe it either!

When we set up in our first workshop space on Walcot Street we didn't even know if we'd get 10 people let alone thousands. It was scary! 


Ahhh the memories! 

One of the most rewarding parts of what we do is empowering people by teaching them new skills. There's nothing like seeing a fledgling workshopper come to class and then leaving a few hours later with a big smile on their face eager to get practicing at home. 

If you've never been to The Makery before or even a practical workshop it's natural to feel a bit apprehensive beforehand. Perhaps you've been given the workshop as a present or been promising yourself for years to make time for yourself. You're probably feeling a mixture of excitement and fear of the unknown. You might even be reading this before you book to come, anxious to take the plunge, we totally get it, we've been there too.

To help you prepare and to alleviate any concerns we've picked out some of the most common (and believe us they really are) worries people have before attending a workshop. 

1. I get a bit anxious about going to new places 

Going somewhere new can be nerve-wracking right? If you're coming to The Makery (Bath or John Lewis, Oxford St.) from afar you'll need to plan your trip and leave PLENTY of time to arrive and find a parking space if you're driving.

We advise arriving to all workshops at least 15 mins earlier to avoid any last minute stress. If you're coming to a workshop where you need to bring fabric you can choose some in our shop beforehand or in the glorious John Lewis haberdashery if you're in London.

As soon as you arrive our workshop assistant will make you feel welcome by showing you where to go and offering you a cup of tea or whatever you fancy. Our classes are pretty small so there will only be on average 6 - 8 people. 


Our home in Bath - 19 Union Passage

2. I'm coming by myself, will everyone else be with a friend? 

It's about 50/50 on the amount of people that come to class come by themselves or with a friend/partner/relative. Don't let coming by yourself to a workshop put you off as many many people do! (We all need some me time right?!) Our tutors and assistants are super friendly and the other workshoppers are always so lovely. It's such a great vibe! You might even make a friend! Or bump into an old one! 


3. Everyone else will know what they're doing and I will look silly 

At the start of every workshop our brilliant and experienced tutors will run through what you are going to be making and the skills needed. She won't expect you to remember it all in one go and will break down the steps as you go along - as well as being on hand with an assistant or two! 

People come to our workshops to learn a new skill they have not done before so you're all in the same crafty boat. You will see on our website that all workshops have info about skill level on them but most presume no previous knowledge such as Hand Lettering, Learn to Sew Cushions and Needle Felting.  

It's important to remember you come to a workshop to learn the skills not become perfect at them! There's plenty of time for that when you get home. 



The Makery workshop in John Lewis, Oxford Street, London


4. I have never used a sewing machine  

Many people that come to a sewing workshop have never used a sewing machine or certainly not since they were at school. For some people that can be over 40 years ago! If the class says no prior sewing experience necessary we really mean it, we can show you how to thread up and use the machine in class. 

Did you know if you buy a sewing machine from The Makery we give you a free learn to sew class! 



5. I am a slow learner will I fall behind? 

Nope! We won't let you! As mentioned before our classes are small which means you get lots of attention (if you need and want it!) from our tutors and assistants. If you are struggling with something we will absolutely help you nail it and will make sure you are at the same level of the class as the others. It's not a race! We will all cross the finish line together.

Your fellow workshoppers are lovely humans and will help out when needed, a bit like the Great British Sewing Bee. But sadly without Patrick and Claudia.

We hope this helps with some of your worries about attending a workshop for the first time. If you have any specific concern please do give us a call or drop us an email and we will only be too happy to help. 

See you soon we hope! 

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8 crafty ways to get ready for Christmas

Posted on October 16, 2017 by The Makery | 0 comments

How is it the middle of October already? It only feels five minutes since we were ironing on patches to our summer denims and choosing which colour espadrilles to make.

The clocks go back in a couple of weeks and the big countdown to Christmas begins. If you're anything like us you'll have promised yourself to start Christmas crafting earlier this year and not leave it all until the last minute! 

To help you get ready we've put together 8 crafty ways to get started making in time for Christmas. We hope it puts you in the Christmas spirit! 

We'd love to see your festive makes! Tag us on social media with the hashtag #MakeryMakes 

1. Make your own Advent calendar 

There are only 6 weeks until the official countdown to Christmas begins so if you're thinking of making a handmade advent calendar you'll need to get cracking.

Why not sign up to one of our advent calendar workshops at The Makery in Bath or John Lewis, Oxford Street London or pick up one of our kits and make it at home whilst watching a cuddly Christmas film like Miracle on 34th Street.

Don't forget: The surprises don't have to be chocolate or sweets - why not write some cute notes or poems, pop in stickers or temporary tattoos or what about treats for your pet! 

2. Make a Christmas Wreath

If you've always fancied learning to make your own natural Christmas decorations our Christmas wreath workshop is a must. Suitable for complete beginners you'll learn how to use ribbons and festive decorations to spruce up your spruce and is guaranteed to get you feeling Christmassy! 

PS. Why not coincide a trip to the famous Bath Christmas Market with a festive workshop. The market runs from 23rd November to 10th December and is well worth a visit.

3. Learn to make a paper Christmas wreath

Fans of papercraft will love this festive workshop run by the brilliant Athena from Meticulous Ink. In this 3 hr class Athena will show you how to make a origami card wreath that will bring contemporary style to your home or work space. 

Pssst! This festive papercraft wreath is very evergreen and will last until next Christmas if you put it away nicely.

4. Learn to print your own Christmas cards

Print making is such a great skill and once you get to grips with the lino and cutter you'll be hooked, we promise!  In this workshop you'll learn how to made a lino block and carve your festive designs.

Psst! Once you've made your block you can print your own wrapping paper too!



5. Make a Christmas stocking 

It wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas stocking workshop and this class is ideal for newbie sewers or those who have not touched a sewing machine for years. 

Come and spend a lovely morning with us in-between doing your Christmas shopping, you'll feet will need a rest!  

6. Kids Christmas workshop - Make a pom pom snowman  

The little ones don't miss out at The Makery especially with workshops in the Christmas holidays to keep excited minds off of a visit from a certain jolly gentleman. 

Book them in to our pom pom class and we'll show them how to make a cute and cuddly snowman!

7. Learn freehand machine Christmas embroidery 

If you're looking for ideas for handmade Christmas presents Freehand Machine Embroidery is a brilliant skill to learn. It's literally drawing with your sewing machine! Come to this class in The Makery, John Lewis, Oxford Street and you'll make your own festive stitched Christmas card to take home.

8. Learn to make a needle felted robin

Needle felting is the art of sculpting with wool and it's brilliant fun. Using fleeces of difference colours and special barbed needles, we'll show you how to mould and model wool fleece into a wonderful little festive robin you will love. 

By the way: Suitable for 10 yrs + #cute

Find out about all of our workshops throughout the year at The Makery in Bath and John Lewis, Oxford Street, London

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15 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Posted on September 28, 2017 by The Makery | 0 comments

Looking for Halloween inspiration? Halloween is huge in the US so we asked our friend Annabelle from across the pond to put together some spooky ideas of what to wear when trick or treating!

We'd love to see your costumes, post and tag #makerymakes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

1. Mummified

Do you have an old white sheet laying around the house? Just cut it into strands and wrap it all around your child – tying it where necessary to keep it on. They will look like they came straight from the pyramids of Egypt in no time. 

2. Raining Cats and Dogs

What kid doesn’t love their furry little friend? If your child is an animal lover, this is the costume for them!

Grab some cutouts of cats and dogs then glue them to a clear umbrella. Stick your kid in their rain jacket and rain boots and voila! It is raining cats and dogs, now.

3. Casper the Friendly Ghost

This is another great costume if you have an old white sheet laying around… Simply cut holes for their eyes and drape it right over them. 

4. My Only Sunshine

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey…”

Let your child’s light shine bright by dressing them from head to toe in orange, then cut out a big sun from felt and glue it to their shirt.

5. Bewitched

Grab a pointy hat, their favourite dress, and your kitchen broom and your little witch is ready to cast some spells.

6. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Simply grab a rainbow striped t-shirt and some leggings, then make a rainbow tutu by tying some tulle around a piece of ribbon (acting as a belt). 


Paint your child’s face green, use black paint to draw a scar on their forehead, then dress them in older dress clothes and send them on their way.

Don’t forget to show them how to do the Frankenstein walk! 

8. Cute Cat

Not much is sweeter than a cute little kitty.

Sew a small tail for your child, dress them in a solid color (whichever kitty colour they choose) and put them in a ski mask or something that resembles one. Add some hand-sewn ears to the top of the mask and they are ready to “meow” through the neighbourhood. 

9. Moo-Moo Cow

Take an oversized white t-shirt and glue black felt cutouts on it that look like spots. You can even add an empty milk jug to their hand if you really want to seal the deal! 

10. Feisty Devil

If your child is the feisty type, they might just want to embrace their personality and go as a fiery devil! You can use cardboard to cut out a pitchfork then paint it red. Dress them from head to toe in red, add the pitchfork and you are ready to go! 

11. Scrub A Dub-Dub

Grab an inflatable baby bathtub (preferably one that looks like a duck) and cut a hole in the bottom of it so your child can wear it around their waist.

Blow up some white balloons and stick them around the inflatable tub to look like bubbles.

You can even accessorize by putting bath poufs in their hair. 

12. Pretty, Pretty Princess

I bet you never thought you would get your use out of all those dress-up clothes… Think again.

Have your child dress up in their favorite princess dress-up dress, then simply add a matching hat and a wand. 

13. 80’s Rocker

This might just be one of my favorites because you probably have most of the stuff at home:

Grab your child one of your old rocker t-shirts or even buy one from your local charity shop for a few pounds, grab their favourite toy guitar and an old wig and they are ready to rock and roll!

You could even accessorise with black fingernail polish and eyeliner if you're really feeling theatrical. 

14. Tomato Costume

You might not be able to get them to eat their vegetables, but surely you can get them to wear them!

Give your child red leggings and a red oversized t-shirt, then use green felt to cut the strands that sit on top of the tomato – sew or glue them around the collar of the shirt. Then, grab a plain red beanie and do the same thing with the green felt on the top of it.

15. Scuba Diver

Do you have a little swimmer on your hands?Put them in black trousers, a black long-sleeve shirt, and black gloves and shoes. Then, add a pair of goggles to their head and your little swimmer is ready to hit the water!

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